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All design-build companies are not the same. At Envision, we focus on providing you with an immeasurable construction experience that is both fulfilling and enjoyable. We deliver the utmost level of professionalism and quality of work that you expect.


So, why choose us? What makes us different? We are happy you ask


Innovative Design:

There are no shortcuts to great things; it takes years of proven experience, skill, and knowledge to create a design from a vision to reality. All our projects are designed to achieve the look you want at a budget you are pleased with. An inspired and innovative design takes careful and adequate planning, which is something we are experts in.

Pragmatic Scheduling:

We want you to fall in love with your new home; we help arrange a project schedule that meets your target completion date and is realistic. We strive to meet every deadline set, and we swiftly communicate every update with you.

Open Communication:

We believe that every client deserves openness and professional courtesy. Each team member is fully responsive to your every need and is available to return calls, reply emails, and answer any question you may have. 

Minimum Disruption:

We understand that disruptions may occur, but we take care to minimize the impact such disruptions may have on you and your family throughout the project’s length.


Professional and Well-Trained Staff:

Our team at Envision Residential & Equestrian, LLC, is committed to serving your every need, and we thrive on giving the best to our clients. We are a family, and we treat you like family too. We take extreme pride in providing for you quality craftsmanship and creative solutions.

At Envision Residential & Equestrian LLC, we consider it our duty to guide you through any doubts you may experience when dealing with the countless choices that make up any building project. We have completed countless remodels, custom home designs, construction, and renovations that have constantly met our client’s expectations. We would do the same for you.



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