About Us


Welcome to Envision Residential & Equestrian, LLC, where for nearly 35 years, we have been making home construction, remodeling, and premium renovation dream a reality for homeowners in Venezuela and the United States of America.


With a robust commitment to integrity and great dedication to our craft, we aim to provide all of our clients with high-level home improvement services. For all of us at Envision, building and remodeling is more than just blueprints and construction. By carefully understanding your goals, we help design the best solution to meet your needs.


We make the construction, remodeling, and renovation process a creative collaboration exercise with you. It does not matter your project’s scope or size; our team of expert builders and designers are on-hand to help bring inspiration and imagination to all your construction, remodeling, and renovation projects.


I started working in construction at the young age of 22, and I have been blessed to see many positive transformations in the building industry and have been able to keep up and grow with time. The only constant in over 35 years of being in the field is the passion of helping a client bring their dreams and vision to reality, and I am proud to say that the feeling is mutual for our entire team.


I have also passed down the knowledge and the love of creating and innovation to my son Diego, who now runs the business alongside me. Together we are committed to bringing inspirational, revolutionary, and ground-breaking ways to serve you better. We do not only build homes; we also build long-term fruitful relationships that extend even after a project has been completed.


How do we do that? By keeping true to our family-friendly values of respect, honesty, and loyalty. From the first consultation to the final walk-through, we work to create a profound relationship with our clients. When you choose Envision as your preferred build partner, you are assured of receiving top-level personalized service.


I am often asked what makes us stand out from other buildings, remodeling, and home improvement firms. The answer is in the unique way we approach every client’s project; our process is seamless and unmatched.


We take it upon ourselves to make informed decisions that would add maximum worth to your new home. Through the years, we have constantly fine-tuned our build and remodeling process to ensure that all your goals are met and exceeded, and your vision is brought to fruition.


We aim to keep our promise of delivering our esteemed client beautiful, detail-oriented, and functional custom home designs, renovations, and addition. Our entire team is accountable to you, and your concerns are ours too.


Every team member is always prepared to answer any queries you may have about our process and happy to guide you at every step of the way. We make it a top priority to start and complete your job when due and on budget.


At Envision, we measure our success level by how satisfied you are. We are always glad to see the happiness reflected in your eyes, testimonials, and referrals. 


From the beginning to completion, we want you to be very comfortable with the Envision team. We appreciate the level of trust you are putting in us, and we give our word to work extremely hard to satisfy all your expectations.


We are on hand to ensure that the entire build, remodel, renovate, or home addition process is made very enjoyable for you. We value your business and partnership.


It would be our utmost pleasure to speak with you concerning your next construction job, we welcome you to go through our portfolio to check out our previous jobs, and we welcome any question you may have. We can’t wait to work for you and with you.



   Leonel Gutierrez- Founder

   Envision Residential & Equestrian, LLC.