At Envision, we approach each Remodelling, Addition, or New Construction project with your vision in mind to achieve every set goal. From careful building design to actual construction and professional project management, our expert team ensures every specification lives up to expectation and fits snugly within your set budget.

We make the entire process efficient, pleasant, and as seamless as possible. 

Process-Initial Idea

You have that idea in your mind, so to bring it to life you’ve decided to contact us using our Contact Form on the webpage, by phone, or social media and together we discuss your vision, your budget, your expectations. During our conversation we will discuss the best time to have our first meeting.

At this first meeting, you can illustrate your dream to our consultant and he will have the opportunity to see the space where you want your idea to come to life. During this meeting we will speak about your ideas, goals, and wishes for the space. Our aim is to build a solid relationship that begins with your dream. We will work together to determine and understand your priorities and grasp your vision. Our team will proceed to take photos, do all measurements necessary, and explore your project expectations to move on and elaborate the project.

2 Measurements

After gathering your requirements and ideas, our expert team of design professionals works hard to enhance, refine, and develop a proposal for your project with examples of material to be used and costs. Once finished the project proposal is presented to you for confirmation. If necessary, the project is then refined and modified until your vision is achieved.

Using the information gathered, our team of experts will make custom plans to embrace your goals and wishes. Once you see the floor plans and elevations we’ll have for you, it will be easy to understand your new space you will work side-by-side with our design experts who will guide you through the process of selecting the materials for your project. The specifications will have a complete cost analysis of the proposed plan. Based on your feedback we will make all the adjustments necessary so the plans represent to detail your desires.

4 Design and Engineering

After all the changes have been made and approved to your desire, we sign a Construction Agreement. This agreement details the approved specifications, drawings, timeline, payment schedule and final budget for the project.

Once the final construction Agreement is signed, we prepare all the documentation necessary to go through the permits process as flawlessly as possible thanks to our years of experience.

6 Permiting
7 Construction Process

Once the construction begins and since we are convinced that excellent communication is the foundation of every Envision Residential project, our project managers work closely with you to keep you updated throughout the construction process.

You will receive photos, written updates of the construction progress and will be able to respond with questions and feedback. You will always feel confident that your project is in safe hands.

Once the project is finished it must pass two inspections that are necessary, first is the inspection by officials that will certify that the job was done according to plans and regulations. The second and just as important, your inspection to verify that we did what we proposed and made your dream come true.

8 Final Inspection



We are more than anxious to here from you and start a conversation about your project.

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